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“Employees Number One” and “Clients Centered” are the core cultural values at Pharmaron.   Our culture, which sets Pharmaron apart from other enterprises, has evolved through our deep commitment to our employees, partners and collaborators.  This dedication to our core values has engendered a longevity in Pharmaron’s strong relationships with employees and partners alike.

“Employees Number One” means that we have created a highly professional work environment in which our employees are driven to achieve excellence and at the same time find enjoyment and fulfillment in their roles.  At Pharmaron, our employees 1) are enthusiastic and passionate about their work; 2) treat their colleagues with respect; 3) approach challenges with excitement and creativity; 4) adhere to the highest standards in science and technology; 5) continually strive for professional and personal development; 6) engage in independent thinking; 7) promote a spirit of interdependence and  team work.  This enduring culture will continue to support Pharmaron’s status as the Employer of Choice for many years to come.

“Clients Centered” means we are dedicated to delivering high quality services to our partners and collaborators in a timely, cost effective and sustainable manner.  Our passionate culture embodied in our staff’s day-to-day enthusiasm, high scientific standards, creative thinking, and team work, enables efficient and effective delivery of strategies and plans for our partners and collaborators.  Our goal is to create a seamless collaboration and sense of a single team to generate additional value for our partners and collaborators. Our first-class of team of employees, management system, operating system, technical platforms, and infrastructure have been built, integrated and proven effective at meeting this goal.  Our devotion to our clients reflects Pharmaron’s long-term commitment to continuing to be their Partner of Choice.