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Pharmaron College

Pharmaron College, founded by Pharmaron, is a training center where our staff can utilize the opportunity for systematic advanced study. The goal is to identify and develop talents in Pharmaron through this intense training program by strengthening the employee’s basic theoretical knowledge and improving the quality of service for our partners.

Established in February 2011, Pharmaron College currently offers two graduate programs: MSc and PhD. The programs are designed to closely relate to Pharmaron’s core business functions. PhD students are required to pass a cumulative exam and successfully complete a seminar presentation. In order to thoroughly impart academic knowledge, strengthen professional skills, and actively introduce the latest international advancement of research, we have hired excellent overseas returnees and external professional teachers as instructors.  The close interaction among the students and instructors in the classes creates a forum allowing for extensive and in-depth discussion in all aspects, and for team bonding.

Pharmaron College emphasizes the connection between learning and work performance and is focused on fully arousing the enthusiasm of staff at all levels to participate in learning. To those who have successfully completed the required programs for MSc and PhD degrees, a Pharmaron College Diploma for MSc or PhD will be issued. After the intensive training in the programs, the students are better equipped with the updated science and technologies and are better prepared to take on more challenging work.