Social Responsibility

    Pharmaron takes pride in being a socially responsible enterprise.  Social responsibility has been built into our business strategy, plan and execution since the inception of the company.  As a premier drug R&D service provider, Pharmaron has the responsibility to help accelerate the drug discovery and development process with high quality services in a timely, cost effective and business sustainable manner.  This will enable the availability of high-demand therapeutics to patients in a timely manner with affordable prices, and will help improve their quality of life in the long run. Working very closely with non-profit organizations to help them to discover and develop urgently needed and effective medicines is just one such example.

    Our social responsibility also includes an environment in which 1) our employees can work happily, safely and healthily for a long time; 2) the communities within which our facilities operate will be safe, healthy and ecologically sound in the long term.  As a result, Pharmaron has developed a highly comprehensive system concerning Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) for Pharmaron and the local communities.  SHE has been built into all the aspects of our daily activities.  The SHE Committee has defined a clear long term SHE strategy and formulated SHE policies.  The SHE system has been integrated with all the R&D processes and activities to ensure our facilities and local communities are safe, healthy and environmentally friendly.  Dialog with the local authorities regarding SHE’s policies, regulations and practices has been conducted on a regular basis to ensure the best practices for the SHE system can be implemented.

    As a socially responsible CRO, Pharmaron has proactively participated in community activities.  These activities include, but are not limited to:

    1. Pharmaron has set up dozens of annual scholarships and studentships at a number of universities in China and North America to provide channels to students at the universities to continue their professional training in some of the centers of excellence in their fields.
    2. Every year, Pharmaron provides mentorships to hundreds of interns from universities in China and North America, and creates an environment in which they can apply their newly-learned scientific and technological skills and prepare to enter R&D driven industries.
    3. Pharmaron has participated in disaster relief activities in China and in the world to help relieve pain and contain damage by donating goods, money and Pharmaron employee participation at disaster scenes.
    4. Pharmaron encourages our employees to take part in local charity organizations’ activities. Our employees have been actively engaged in helping underprivileged individuals, raising awareness of the importance of a healthy life style and making the community environment greener, just to mention a few.