Animal Welfare

    The work conducted at Pharmaron for our clients is making an enormous impact on human health, well-being and safety. Pharmaron is committed to running scientific studies of the highest quality, and conducted to the highest ethical standards, in all areas of its business.

    Some of the undertaken scientific studies are performed in animals. As well as being a legal requirement, Pharmaron believes animal studies are an ethical and moral necessity before human exposure. Pharmaron insists on the highest standards of health and welfare for all animals in our care and is committed to following these principles:

    • Sustaining a culture of care and concern for animal welfare is the top priority and the animals are treated with respect and dignity at all times. Mistreatment of any animal is a dismissible offense.
    • All work with animals is undertaken strictly in accordance with the national regulations, legislation and guidelines that apply in China and the countries of our customers (e.g. USDA 9 CFR parts 1, 2, 3 and 2010/63/EU). Pharmaron regards these standards as a minimum, and they underpin our own strict global standards of animal welfare.
    • All staff working with animals are fully trained and competent in caring for laboratory animals. Qualified veterinary surgeons are involved in managing and implementing our animal care programmes.
    • We work both within the company and with the wider scientific community to share knowledge and learning in the replacement, reduction and refinement of animal studies, known as “The 3Rs”.
    • The animals used by Pharmaron are purpose bred by qualified laboratory animal breeders. Animal breeders are subject to inspection and qualification by Pharmaron’s animal care professionals and the animal providers have to adhere to the same standards and regulations for animal treatment as Pharmaron.
    • Any research involving animals is conducted only after appropriate ethical consideration and review by Pharmaron’s IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee). This review, identical to the procedures used in the US and Europe, ensures that we provide a high level of care to all animals used, and that a scientifically appropriate and validated alternative to the use of animals is not available.

    The Pharmaron Toxicology and Safety Pharmacology site has maintained continuous full accreditation by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC) since the first inspection in 2007. Clients and animal care regulators alike have continuously praised Pharmaron for our animal care programs and ethical standards and we strive at all times to maintain this exemplary record.