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Discovery Biologics

Pharmaron Discovery Biologics provides a spectrum of high quality services to support drug discovery and development. We offer services in antibody/protein engineering, Fc-fusion proteins, antibody humanization, cell line development, recombinant antibody production, protein expression, purification, and characterization. We have a team of experienced scientists that are familiar with various protein expression systems, and understand how to purify recombinant proteins from various cells or native proteins from animal organs or tissues.

Antibody production

  • Transient transfection or stable cell lines
  • Hybridoma and CHO cell culture
  • Antibody purification
  • Antibody characterization and affinity measurement
  • Nanobody production in bacteria

Protein expression

We offer various protein expression systems to meet our client’s needs. Our team is willing to take up challenges and deal with difficult-to-express proteins.

    • Expression vector design and construction
    • Choice of expression systems: bacteria, yeast, baculovirus/Insect cells, and mammalian cell systems
    • Scale-up production

Protein purification and characterization

      • Affinity – Protein A/G, GST and Ni-Sepharose
      • IEX – Q/SP and CM/DEAE-Sepharose, Capto MMC, and MonoQ/S
      • SEC – Superdex and Sephacryl columns
      • HIC – Butyl and Phenyl-Sepharose
      • SDS-PAGE, western blot, UV-VIS, and protein assay
      • LC-MS, and peptide mapping
      • N-terminal residues and amino acid analysis

Cell line development

      • Construct your gene of interest into a suitable mammalian expression vector.
      • Perform transfection on target cells and select stable cell clones.
      • Gene expression evaluation

Antibody-drug conjugation (ADC)

      • Conjugation of cytotoxic agents to antibody on lysine amines or cysteine thiols
      • Drug-loading determination
      • Characterization of antibody-drug conjugates


      • Conjugation of PEG molecules to proteins or peptides on N-terminus, lysine amines, or cysteine thiols
      • Characterization of PEGylated proteins or peptides