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Compound Library

With our continued efforts to speed up drug discovery process, Pharmaron has built a world class capacity in library synthesis: consistsing of state-of-the-art instrumentations as well as a group of highly experienced professionals. We are able to deliver hundred thousands of compounds annually at >95% purity.

  • Novel scaffold with any structural complexity
    • Diversity-based libraries for corporate compounds collection
    • Focused or target-based libraries for particular therapeutic or target of interests
    • SAR-oriented libraries to support medicinal chemistry programs
    • Fragment-based libraries
  • A collection of over 25,000 building blocks in 53 catagories
  • Automated synthesizers, microwave assisted reactors
  • UV- or mass-directed HPLC purification systems
  • High throughput evaporation workstations
  • Compound management & plating system
  • Secure data collection & management system