• Safety-Pharmacology

Genetic Toxicology

The Genetic Toxicology Laboratory at Pharmaron provides genotoxicity screening assays for discovery programs and standard GLP genotoxicity assays in support of regulatory filing.

Genotoxicity Screening Assays Include:

  • Mini-Ames assay (2 strains, 5 strains)
  • in vitro multiwell micronucleus screening assay (CHO cells)

GLP or Non-GLP Standard Genotoxicity Assays Include:

  • Bacterial reverse mutation assay (5 strains)-OECD guideline 471
  • in vitro chromosome aberration assay (HPBL or CHO cells)-OECD guideline 473
  • in vivo micronucleus assay (rats or mice)- OECD guideline 474
  • in vitro micronucleus assay (HPBL, CHO or TK6 cells) – OECD guideline 487
  • Mouse lymphoma assay (L5178Y cells) – OECD guideline 476