• PK-and-Bioanalytical

DMPK and Bioanalysis Services

Pharmaron offers comprehensive in vitro ADME-Tox and in vivo pharmacokinetic (PK) services to our partners and collaborators for quick evaluation of the pharmaceutical properties and safety of drug discovery compounds and also is experienced in DMPK packages for CFDA and FDA IND filing. A team of dedicated project managers and well-trained DMPK scientists coupled with state-of-the-art instrumentation (fully integrated automation to support screening assays and LC/MS/MS instruments for bioanalysis) in our modern DMPK laboratories enables rapid generation of consistent and accurate data in a cost-effective manner.


We provide quickly-delivered high-throughput screening assays and GLP-like regulatory assays, covering the whole in vitro ADME space including Solution Properties, Drug Absorption & Transport, Drug Metabolism and Drug-Drug Interactions.


Pharmaron performs a variety of in vitro assays to help identify the potential toxicities at an early stage in drug discovery. The state-of-the-art technology using high content screening (HCS) platform can evaluate potential tox liability of novel compounds and allow a better understanding of the mechanisms of drug toxicity and further improve the prediction of toxicological events.

  • Liver toxicity package
    • General toxicity to get IC50 for toxicity effect
    • Mechanistic toxicity to study the mechanisms of toxicity by high content analysis
  • Cardiotoxicity
  • Genotoxicity


We offer in vivo PK, toxicokinetics (TK) and formulation analysis services to our partners. All in-life work of PK/TK studies are conducted in AAALAC-accredited animal facilities and follow IACUC-approved study protocols. We offer high quality (FDA/OECD/EPA accepted) and fast turnaround GLP and non-GLP bioanalytical services to support drug discovery, pre-clinical and clinical development for small molecules, peptides, nucleosides/nucleotides and biologics. Our formulation services are offered either as part of the PK study or as a standalone service.