Integrated Services

Pharmaron’s scientific expertise spans a number of disciplines. Through our integrated service option, our customers access the most efficient use of Pharmaron’s R&D capabilities.  Working together on the same project, our chemistry, biology, DMPK, pharmacology and process development/manufacturing teams can achieve maximal results.

Integrated Services

All the service disciplines – such as medicinal chemistry, biology, DMPK and safety assessment – are led by a veteran group of scientists who average over 10 years of major pharma and biotech company experience in the US, Canada and Europe. These scientific leaders have a proven track record in successfully moving compounds from through lead identification and lead optimization to preclinical and IND, and further to clinical development and market. Our experienced scientific leadership will lead and interact with multiple discipline functions to enable unmatched expertise, accelerated timelines and enhanced partnerships and program continuity.

Project Management

Pharmaron’s proprietary database system captures data generated by a project from each subdiscipline of our integrated services, allowing efficient retrieval of the data in a customized and systematic manner. This system can then offer round-the-clock access to data components from a secure web based interface. The database system has proven effective in assisting project management, a critical component of successful integrated services.

Pharmaron has developed a number of tools for project management, both for external and internal use. Our clients may access the CEDAR system, a set of web-based tools for accessing, searching, and exploring the data generated by Pharmaron’s scientists. In addition, the system allows for the secure exchange of files and communication via uploaded/downloaded reports and requests.

Our scientists also have access to the best of industry standard tools, including: 1) Provantis to support the toxicology studies, which has passed US FDA inspection; 2) LIMS Watson system to support the needs from in vivo PK and bioanalysis studies (GLP and non-GLP). All major software systems have been fully validated for GLP studies.