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Medicinal Chemistry

Benefiting from a seasoned leadership team (many with big pharma experience) and contributions from our computational chemistry group, Pharmaron’s medicinal chemistry team can support hit ID, lead generation (LG) and lead optimization (LO) programs.

  • Scaffold mining and design for hit ID
    • Competitive landscape analysis for new programs
    • Preliminary IP analysis on newly designed scaffold
    • Route design and exploration for new scaffold
    • Diversity assessment
  • Synthesis of focused library for LG and LO
  • SAR analysis based on both In Vitro and In Vivo data
  • Computer-assisted drug design and diversity analysis
  • Scale up to support in vivo efficacy and toxicity studies
  • Assisting patent filing for/by clients
  • Project management

– See more at: http://www.pharmaron.com/service/medicinal-chemistry/#sthash.ojlD35RA.dpuf