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Histopathology and Clinical Pathology

The pathology team at Pharmaron includes the functions of clinical pathology necropsy, histology and histopathology diagnosis, meeting the requirements of multi-GLP compliances of FDA, OECD and CFDA. The oversight of highly experienced pathologists is essential to make sure test article-related lesions should be recognized from tissues specimens. Whether evaluating studies that are conducted in house, evaluating contracted histopathology slides that are sent in, or performing peer review as request, our contracted US Board Certified Veterinary pathologists and in-house pathologists provide the highest quality interpretation of pathology data and comprehensive report preparation. Our pathology reports include data acquired by using FDA Part 11 compliant pathology data acquisition systems of Provantis to collect and manage pathology data, thereby assuring the highest quality assessment and reporting of pathology data.

  • Clinical pathology (clinical chemistry, hematology, coagulation, urinalysis and uric sediment, as well as bone marrow smear examination)
  • Necropsy with all species
  • Histology for slides preparation of H.E and special stains
  • Histopathology evaluation/diagnosis to all preclinical toxicity studies including carcinogenicity study
  • Integrated pathology reporting
  • Validated, Part 11 compliant pathology data acquisition programs (Provantis®)
  • GLP compliance in all phases
  • IND report preparation
  • Our state-of-the-art technology, advanced equipment, and extensive experience with biologics, antibodies, large molecules and small molecules enable us to offer a comprehensive and sophisticated pathologic assessments and interpretations. These and other specialty pathology services provide you with the most flexible, cost-effective, and timely product-specific resources possible.