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Animal Disease Models

In vivo Pharmacology

The in vivo pharmacology team at Pharmaron is highly experienced in disease model establishment and validation, with a proven track record in providing high quality in vivo pharmacology services to our partners and collaborators for efficacy screening, in vivo pharmacology profiling, PKPD and MOA studies, and customized studies. The in vivo pharmacology team has also been supported by PK/Bioanalytical, ex vivo pharmacology and in vitro biology teams at Pharmaron to provide integrated services in different disease areas.  Our current focus of pharmacology lies in the areas of oncology, CNS and pain, metabolic cardiovascular diseases and inflammation.


Currently, we can provide services in in vivo oncology including cell line-derived and patient tumor-derived xenograft models as well as syngeneic mouse tumor models.  The following is a list of services we can provide in the in vivo oncology therapeutic area:

  • in vitro cancer biology
  • Cell proliferation panel screening
  • Biochemical assays
  • Cellular functional assays
  • in vivo onco-pharmacology services
  • Translational services
  • Collection of frozen and paraffin-embedded human tumor tissue sections
  • Collection of PDX tumor samples (frozen and FFPE, TMA, DNA/RNA/protein)
  • Exome sequence information for primary tumor samples
  • Biomarker/target evaluation


  • Alzheimer’s disease / Memory impairment models
  • Induced Alzheimer’s disease / Memory impairment models (ICV infusion)
  • Scopolamine-induced memory deficit model
  • Cerebral hypoperfusion memory impairment model
  • Kainic acid-induced hippocampus injury model
  • Tg mouse models for Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Stroke (MCAO)
  • Multiple sclerosis – EAE
  • Other neurodegenerative disease model (with imported Tg mice)

Inflammation and Pain

  • Neuropathic pain
  • Chronic constriction injury (CCI model)
  • Spinal nerve ligation (Chung model)
  • Spare nerve injury (SNI model)
  • Inflammation, Inflammatory pain
  • Acute inflammation/inflammatory pain (paw edema /pain): Carrageenan-, CFA-, formalin-, & NGF-induced, paw incision & AcOH induced writhing models
  • Arthritis models: AIA,  CIA & MIA
  • PDPK models
  • Tail flick and air pouch models

Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases

  • ob/ob (C57BL/6J)
  • db/db (C57BL/KsJ)
  • Diet-Induced Obesity DIO (gDIO or eDIO)
  • DIO/STZ diabetes
  • Hyperlipidemia models
  • PDPK models

Other Established Models

  • Hemostasis (Rabbits)
  • Leukocytopenia (Rats)
  • Intestinal Over Secretion/PK (Mice)
  • Anemia (Canines)
  • Wounding (Rats, Rabbits)
  • Renal Failure (5/6 Nephrectomy)

in vivo Technologies

  • Telemetry (ECG, BP, and Temps)
  • Respiratory Flow Function (RR, TV, and MV) Neurobehavioral Functional Observational Battery
  • Blood Pressure Measurement (noninvasive)
  • SpO2 Measurement
  • Vascular Catheterization
  • ECG Recording (non-surgery)
  • Portal Vein VAP
  • Splenectomy
  • Continuous CSF Sampling (all species, exprtise in mice)
  • ICV cannulation
  • Electrophysiology