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Process Chemistry

Process Discovery and Development

Pharmaron’s process chemistry and manufacturing team is led by scientific leadership with international and home grown experience.  We have expertise in providing broad range of services for APIs development starting from lead optimization to NDA. Our process R&D services and technical capabilities include:

  • Development of new synthetic routes, early stage process research and “fit for purpose” optimization and scale up for preclinical to early phase clinical materials.
  • Experience in development of synthetic routes and scalable processes for complex organic molecules and APIS such as Macrolides, Nucleotides, linkers for ADCs (antibody drug conjugates)
  • Experience in development of scalable process for APIs with long synthetic sequences >20 steps
  • Development of cost effective and robust chemical processes for late stage APIs
  • Study critical process parameters and define parameters for qualification and validation processes for APIs for GMP/non-GMP production
  • Screen and develop cost effective, safe and environmentally friendly synthetic routes for commercial production for intermediates, and APIs

Process Safety

Pharmaron has dedicated process safety laboratory equipped with RSD (rapid screening devise), ARSST (advanced reactive system screening tool), RC1e, DSCs with pressure cells for evaluation of safety of chemical reactions, starting materials and manufactured intermediates and APIs.