Fang He, Ph.D.

Vice President

Dr. Fang He is Vice President of in vitro Biology. Dr. He joined Pharmaron in November 2008 and currently leads the in vitro screening center, focusing on assay development, plate-based compounds efficacy screening by various biochemical and cell-based assay platforms, in vitro safety pharmacology profiling and cellular/PD biomarker evaluation.  Dr. He obtained her B.Sc. from Beijing Normal University and her Ph.D. in pharmacology and cell biology from a joint program from the University of Louisville and Beijing Normal University.

Dr. He’s postdoctoral training was in pharmacology and toxicology at the School of Medicine, University of Louisville (US), and focused on orphan GPCR identification and GPCR signaling transduction in cancer and glaucoma. She continued her research at Beijing Normal University in the areas of biomarker identification and validation in cancer patients. Dr. He has published multiple peer-reviewed papers and meeting presentations in pharmacology research area. 

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