Marie Croft, Ph.D.

Director, AMS Technology

Dr. Marie Croft is Director of AMS Technology at the Germantown site. Dr. Croft joined Pharmaron when the company acquired Xceleron in January 2017. Dr. Croft joined Xceleron Ltd (York, UK) in 2004 after graduating from De Montfort University, Leicester, UK with a first-class honors degree in pharmaceutical chemistry. Dr. Croft spent five years obtaining laboratory experience in HPLC+AMS analysis, as an Analyst and a Research Fellow, and became a Study Director in 2009. She was actively involved in the evolution of HPLC+AMS assay development with a focus on determining best practices for method validation. In 2012, Dr. Croft moved into a new role as Scientific Consultant and Project Manager, and was part of a team responsible for the re-opening of the Germantown facility. In 2013, she transitioned into her current role and is responsible for the bioanalytical team at the Germantown laboratory.

During her time with the company, Dr. Croft has conducted research into AMS microdosing, specifically the use of cassette dosing to identify drug-drug interactions, as well as the combined use of AMS and PET after administration of a microdose.  She received her Ph.D. in ‘Applications of human microdosing with accelerator mass spectrometry’ from the University of York (UK) in 2013. She is author/co-author of eight publications.

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