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AAV Analytics: Driving Innovation through Collaboration

This webinar will discuss how we are exploring innovative approaches for AAV analytics through collaborative efforts with partners such as NIBRT and Refeyn. In this session we will cover development of an effective digestion method, AAV mass spectrometry and photometry. 

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Key Messages:

  • AAV analytical challenges require innovative solutions and a diverse range of technologies to adequately address​
  • Pepsin based digestion provides a fast, robust, and automation friendly approach for peptide mapping of protease resistant AAV capsids​
  • Mass spectrometry of intact AAV particles offers a unique perspective on the molecules that can be used to support process development.
  • Mass photometry provides data on mass and E:F ratio with minimal sample preparation and rapid data acquisition and analysis


  1. A diverse approach is required for comprehensive AAV analytical testing (KOL)
    • ​AAV analytical approaches and limitations​
    • New technologies and applications
    • ​Future developments​​​
  2. Advancing analytics and driving results through collaboration (Pharmaron)
    • Collaborations – past and present​
    • NIBRT – AAV capsid protein digestion
    • NIBRT – intact AAV mass spectrometry
    • Mass Photometry – E:F ratios at a fraction of the cost​
  3. Collaboration and Beta-testing of Samux MP mass photometer (Refeyn)
    • ​Introduction to Refeyn and mass photometry​
    • Presentation of Pharmaron Beta testing data​
    • Presentation of Internal Pharmaron data

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Moderated by: Rebecca Hobson - Director, Analytical Sciences at Pharmaron Gene Therapy

Key Opinion Leader: Tony Bou Kheir - Head of Analytical Development and QC at Purespring Therapeutics

Tony Bou Kheir leads the analytical development and QC programme at Purespring Therapeutics; developing new analytics to support product characterisation and release. Tony has over 10 years’ experience in the design, development, and application of novel analytics to support product characterisation. Tony leads a team focused on improving AAV manufacture through the design and application of new technologies for in-process testing, and the development of more accurate and robust assays for product release. Tony’s team also oversees assay qualification and technology transfer to 3rd party GMP facilities and CDMO’s.


Ian Anderson, Ph.D. -  Associate Director, Analytical Sciences at Pharmaron Gene Therapy

Ian Anderson is Associate Director within Analytical Sciences at Pharmaron Gene Therapy and is responsible for leading the Physicochemical characterisation group that develops methods for the analysis of AAV. Ian has over 12 years’ experience in the development and application of novel analytics to support gene therapy product characterisation. Ian has led multiple external collaborations at Pharmaron focusing on improving AAV analytics to support AAV manufacturing processes. Ian completed his PhD in MET Receptor Signalling in 2009 and subsequent Post-doctoral studies focused on Lentivirus at University College London before moving into Industry. 

Gareth Rogers - Product Manager at Refeyn

Gareth Rogers is a Product Manager at Refeyn, a company specialising in the development and manufacture of instrumentation for biomolecular characterisation using mass photometry. As a member of the Refeyn product management team, he is jointly responsible for the development and deployment of mass photometry systems designed to meet the needs of the biopharmaceutical industry. Prior to joining Refeyn, he worked for several leading photonics companies in varied roles from technology scouting through to sales and the development of advanced imaging systems. Gareth has a PhD in Molecular Physiology and spent several years as a postdoctoral research scientist at the University of Cambridge, specialising in the study of the molecular mechanisms behind the secretion of insulinotropic polypeptides to explore the pathophysiology underlying many metabolic diseases including diabetes.

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