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PKPD Concepts and Applications for Effective Drug Design: Building the Translational Bridge

This webinar will provide an introduction to PKPD linking the mathematical modelling with the biological endpoints through case studies.

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  • Introduction to PKPD
    • What’, ‘Why’ and the value to drug discovery and translational science
  • Introduction to PKPD models and modelling
    • Receptor-ligand interactions – linking concentration and response
    • Basic pharmacodynamics and models for PKPD
    • Other important core concepts and approaches to dose prediction and TI
  • Case study of biomarker, efficacy and toxicology PKPD in a drug discovery project#
    • Efficacy, biomarker and safety PKPD modelling
    • Translation to human to enable Phase l protocol development

Moderated by: Chris Bode, Ph.D. –  VP of Scientific Affairs at Pharmaron


Neil Benson, Ph.D. – Consultant and Director at Quantlmed Ltd

Neil has more than 25 years’ experience working both in and for pharmaceutical companies, including SmithKline Beecham (GSK) and Pfizer, where he fulfilled roles as a senior enzymologist/pharmacologist, Translational PKPD lead and latterly Head of Systems Pharmacology. After leaving Pfizer, Neil worked in the CRO environment as CEO of PKPD/QSP services business Xenologiq Ltd, Head of QSP operations at Certara and is currently a consultant and Director at Quantlmed Ltd. Neil has authored more than 40 papers and patents. Neil’s passion is to work with companies involved in drug discovery, using his skills and experience to deliver medicines more rapidly to patients.  

Simon Taylor - Vice President, DMPK at Pharmaron

Simon Taylor is Vice President of DMPK and is based in Hoddesdon, UK.  He is responsible for DMPK/ADME and PKPD strategy for Pharmaron’s integrated drug discovery projects from early discovery through to IND submission. Prior to Pharmaron, Simon worked at GSK for 20 years leading DMPK and Quantitative Pharmacology teams and projects from the Hit Identification stage through to Phase 2.  He has worked across respiratory, inflammation, oncology and cardiovascular therapy areas with drugs of varying routes of administration.  Simon is a committee member of the DMDG and has tutored on the DMDG ‘PK in discovery’ course since 2010.

Simon has a BSc in Pharmacology from the University of Leeds and an MSc in Model Based Drug Development from the University of Manchester.  He has co-authored over 30 scientific publications in the literature.

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