Pharmaron held the 5th Pharmaron Symposium in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry

BEIJING – September 12, 2015 Pharmaron held the 5th Pharmaron Symposium in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry in Beijing. This Symposium featured seven presentations by world sought-after leaders from both academia and biopharmaceutical industry, showcasing recent advances of innovation in synthetic and medicinal chemistry, from highly creative approaches to synthetic and medicinal chemistry challenges, to creation of novel concepts.   These novel approaches and concepts will have significant impact on the future of synthetic and medicinal chemistry.  The beautiful science and effective drug R&D technologies as presented by the speakers with high energy, stimulated great discussions between the speakers and symposium attendees.  The Symposium also served as a training platform to strengthen Pharmaron’s integrated R&D abilities, gained additional insight about the development of the industry, and deepened understanding of synthetic and medicinal chemistry.

Featured Speakers

Prof. F Dean Toste   Dr. David M. Wilson
Department of Chemistry,   Senior Director and Head,
University of California, Berkeley,   Oncology iMED Medicinal Chemistry, AstraZeneca,
Dr. Christopher H. Hill   Dr. Hing Leung Sham
Vice President, Head of Discovery   Senior Vice President,
Chemistry, MSD,   Global Blood Therapeutics,
Prof. Ang Li   Prof. Xiaoming Feng
State Key Laboratory of Bioorganic   Key Laboratory of Green Chemistry & Technology,
and Natural Product Chemistry,   College of Chemistry, Sichuan University,
Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry,   China

Prof. Erick M. Carreira

Department of Chemistry and

Applied Biosciences, ETH Zurich,