Pharmaron Holds Ningbo Campus Ceremony and Hangzhou Bay Forum on Innovation for Life Sciences

Ningbo, China, November 6: On Friday, November 3, 2017, Pharmaron held its official opening of the Ningbo-Hangzhou Bay campus. This site will be integrated with Pharmaron’s global R&D service platform and has capacity for thousands of scientists to provide R&D services to partners around the world. The location allows Pharmaron the ability to tap into the talent pool in the Greater Shanghai region and also interact with clients in the region with ease. This new campus will be a twin to the established campus in Beijing. The opening ceremony was witnessed by hundreds of attendees, including local government officials, fellows of Chinese Academy of Sciences, invited guest speakers from academia and industry around the world, representatives from Pharmaron’s partners and Pharmaron staff.  

In honor of the campus opening and our commitment to science, a forum was held after the opening that included nine speakers from academia and industry. Presentations focused on novel and effective synthetic methodologies including chiral and non-chiral catalysis and fluorine chemistry, highly efficient total synthesis of complex natural products, automation of synthesis and its integration with bioassays, the discovery of new generation of drugs against cancer, autoimmune diseases and anemia, and the importance of crystallization in late development. These talks are representative of the current state-of-the-art of synthetic organic chemistry, crystallization technology, and drug discovery and development in the global academia and industry. The speakers also discussed on the industry’s strategic thinking on how to fundamentally transform the drug discovery and development performance, with some case studies. The audience discussed with great interest with the speakers throughout the forum.  


  • Prof. Qilin Zhou, Nankai University
    “The Privileged Chiral Spiro Catalysts”
  • Dr. Rob Geertman, Janssen Research and Development
    “Missing a Solvate in Late Development”
  • Dr. Michael Kress, Merck Sharp & Dohme
    “Adventures at the Interfaces of Chemistry: Product Discovery and Development at MSD”
  • Dr. Michael Varney, Genentech
    “Drug Discovery and Development at Genentech”
  • Dr. Stevan Djuric, AbbVie
    “The Utility of Enabling Chemistry Technology in Pharmaceutical R&D”
  • Dr. Sergii Pazenok, Bayer AG
    “A General Approach Towards the Heterocyclic Compounds Bearing Emergent Fluorinated Substituents”
  • Dr. Helmut Haning, Bayer AG
    “Discovery of Molidustat, a Novel Inhibitor of HIF Propyl Hydroxylase”
  • Dr. Peter Toogood, Lycera
    “Three Decades of Cancer Drug Discovery”
  • Prof. Darren Dixon, University of Oxford
    “Catalytic Approaches to Simplifying Synthesis”