Pharmaron Holds Ninth Annual Symposium on Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry

Beijing China Pharmaron held its 9th Symposium on Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry on Saturday, September 21, 2019. Eight world-renowned professors and industry leaders from US, Europe and China, presented to hundreds of Pharmaron scientists and partners. Presenters discussed latest advancements in synthetic and medicinal chemistry, which included newly developed synthetic methodologies, total synthesis of highly complex natural products, design and synthesis of biologically active molecules, and the philosophy as a chemist.

“This is another successful symposium to our scientist,” said Dr. Hua Yang, Chief Scientific Offer at Pharmaron. “The speakers’ enthusiasm about their research work was clear to the audience.  The step-outside-the-comfort-zone mode of thinking and the resulting creative approaches to problems will have a very positive impact on Pharmaron chemists’ mode of thinking.”

Symposium Speakers:

  • Dr. Kevin Campos, MSD, USA
    Innovations in Synthetic Chemistry at MSD: Striving for the Ideal Commercial Manufacturing Process
  • Dr. Werngard Czechtizky, AstraZeneca, Sweden
    Leveraging New Modalities for Respiratory:
The Exciting Chemical Space between Small Molecules & Antibodies
  • Prof. Francois Diederich, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
    Molecular Recognition in Chemical and Biological Systems: Chemical Models and Biostructural Investigations
  • Dr. Michael Hahn, Bayer AG, Germany
    Discovery of a Novel Oral NO- and Heme-Independent sGC Activator BAY 1101042
  • Dr. Bayard R. Huck, Merck KGaA, Germany
    It’s a Small-Molecule World: Medicinal Chemistry Challenges and Opportunities for the Next Decade
  • Prof. Guosheng Liu, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, China
    Copper-Catalyzed Radical Relay for Asymmetric C-H Functionalization
  • Prof. David MacMillan, Princeton University, USA
    New Photoredox Reactions for Medicinal Chemistry and Biological Applications
  • Dr. Jan Willem Thuring, Janssen Pharmaceutica Research & Development, Belgium
    Discovery of JNJ-64619178 as a Potent and Selective PRMT5 Inhibitor for the Treatment of Lung and Hematologic Cancers