5 Stories We are Eager to Share

Q3 2016

1. Meet Dr. Hua Yang

Meet Dr. Hua Yang
If you were to ask Hua the key to success for any person in any job, he’d say it’s having a mindset focused on innovation. That may not come as a surprise seeing that Dr. Hua Yang is Pharmaron’s Chief Scientific Officer and innovation is on his mind every day.

He believes that the most successful employees are those that apply an innovative mindset to both technical—and non-technical—challenges. From tackling a logistical issue to recognizing where more communication may be needed, there’s always a solution.

“Scientists thrive on solving technical challenges. Training them to approach non-technical issues with the same passion and approach helps Pharmaron, our partners and the entire pharma industry.”

Hua teaches a course focused on this topic at Pharmaron College, a training program for Pharmaron staff that offers Ph.D. and M.Sc. degrees which help scientists gain academic knowledge, be introduced to the latest advancements of research and strengthen their professional skills with an innovation mindset. Teaching young scientists new skills to excel in their roles allows Hua to achieve a promise he made to himself when he received his Ph.D., which is to discover and develop drugs to improve and save patient lives.

“Pharmaron College trains our scientists important skills and develops the toughness of their mindsets so they can achieve the results our partners need to get their drug to market, which has the potential to positively impact millions of patients’ lives around the globe.”

About Hua Yang
Dr. Hua Yang joined Pharmaron in 2007 as Chief Scientific Officer. Prior to Pharmaron, he was a medicinal chemist at AstraZeneca for 13 years. He received his post-doc training at the University of Montreal and his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at Manchester University. He is a co-author and co-inventor for 38 peer-reviewed scientific publications and patent applications. In his free time, Hua enjoys running.

2. Partner Success: Nimbus Apollo

Pharmaron is proud to be a part of our partners’ successes, and the Gilead acquisition of Nimbus Apollo, Inc. is certainly no exception.

The Nimbus Apollo program includes the lead compound ‘976, where Pharmaron’s chemistry, biology, DMPK and process chemistry teams, under the direction of Nimbus scientists, played an instrumental role in the discovery of this candidate. We continue to be a major partner for Nimbus in their research efforts after the ACC deal with Gilead.

Written with permission by Nimbus.

3. Innovation Inspiration

Each September for the past six years, Pharmaron staff looks forward to the annual Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry Symposium. This one-day session, designed exclusively for Pharmaron employees, brings world-renowned professors and leaders to Pharmaron Headquarters. Each presenter addresses the latest advancements as well as the biopharm industry’s strategies and tactics. These sessions and interactions with speakers allow our staff to think about ways to be more innovative to better serve our clients in today’s dynamic environment. Lively conversations stimulate creative thinking and excitement as they know the important role Pharmaron and its partners have in this industry. This symposium will be held on Saturday, September 24th.

Symposium Speaker Roster:
  • Dr. Stefan Jaroch, Bayer Pharma AG
  • Dr. Se´bastien Lemaire, Janssen Research and Development
  • Professor Wen Liu, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry
  • Professor Bill Roush, The Scripps Research Institute
  • Dr. Mene Pangalos, AstraZeneca
  • Professor Amos Smith, III, University of Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Rich Tillyer, MSD

4. Future Leaders of Pharmaron

On August 5, 13 members of the Pharmaron team graduated from a 1-year M.Sc. program offered by Pharmaron College, in-house Ph.D. and M.Sc. training programs where staff are given the opportunity to participate in systematic advanced study. Each year Pharmaron College teaches a group of young scientists skills to prepare them to become a future leader at Pharmaron, including how to work more efficiently, be proactive and handle client challenges with ease. “It is wonderful to see the increased confidence each graduate has after completing this course,” said Dr. Boliang Lou, Chairman & CEO.

5. Focus On: CATLAb

Our CATLab provides GCP/GLP compliant analytical testing services in support of small molecules and biologics drug development. Our 10,000 ft2 lab & office space consists of specific functional areas for sample receiving, storage and management, sample processing, sample analysis, data analysis/management, reporting and archiving. CATLab boasts 16 sets of fully validated LC/MS/MS instruments and 3Q validated major bioanalytical equipment for large molecule. CATLab uses Watson LIMS for sample management and analysis. CATLab has experienced scientists with strong problem solving skills who stand ready to collaborate with you and facilitate your clinical development program.
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