Cell Line Development and Cell Banking

Pharmaron has world-class cell line development and cell banking capabilities for the generation, storage and testing of cell banks. Our extensive experience spans mammalian, microbial and insect cell lines, and is fully supported by Pharmaron’s comprehensive analytical capabilities.

Our cell line capability, coupled with AAV production platform process and plasmid manufacturing capabilities, makes Pharmaron the ideal partner for supporting your gene therapy needs from critical starting materials through to drug substance.

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  • Use of Pharmaron’s optimised HEK293 cell line for AAV production
  • Cell line development, with protocol design options to suit client needs, using flexible high throughput automated capabilities
    • Bespoke robotics within a class II environment for cell line screening of thousands of clones
    • Screening pathway can be customised to meet client's product quantity and quality needs
    • AMBR 15 microbioreactors to support lead clone selection and product development up 10 litre single use bioreactors
  • Production and storage of research and GMP cell banks for mammalian, microbial and insect cell lines
  • Full characterisation and stability testing available for master and working cell banks
  • Dedicated microbial and mammalian processing suites
  • Comprehensive data packages leveraging extensive regulatory experience to support client needs


  • Bespoke automated cell line development robot with integrated analytics
  • State-of-the-art equipment including FACS Flow Cytometer and Cellavista Cell Imager
  • Research and GMP cell banking
  • Validated controlled rate freezer
  • LN2 dewars for cell bank storage with independent monitoring
  • Cell bank characterisation and release testing

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