Discovery Biologics

The discovery biologics team provides services in custom recombinant antibody/protein production, antibody/protein engineering, stable gene expression cell line development, in addition to physical and biological characterization of proteins by SPR, LC-MS, TSA, etc. The team is experienced in recombinant protein expression and purification, protein analysis, playing active roles in small molecule compound screening as well as research and development of antibody-based therapeutics. The team is continuously expanding its service capabilities and capacities in biologics research and development.  

  • Gene expression and stable cell line development
  • Recombinant protein engineering, expression, purification and characterization
  • Recombinant protein/antibody production (E.coli, yeast, BLVE and mammalian cells)
  • Protein characterization via SPR, LC-MS, thermo shift assay (TSA)
  • Support compound screening by SPR-, LC-MS-, and/or TSA-based techniques

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