in vivo PK

Pharmaron offers in vivo PK, toxicokinetics (TK) and formulation analysis services to support drug discovery and preclinical development for small molecules, peptides, nucleosides/nucleotides and biologics. All in-life work of PK/TK studies are conducted in AAALAC-accredited animal facilities and follow IACUC-approved study protocols.

  • Formulation screening
  • Cassette and single compound PK in mouse, rat, rabbit, mini pig, guinea pig, dog, monkey
  • Tissue distribution
  • Special dosing routes: infusion, intratracheal, intracolon, etc.
  • Portal vein and bile duct cannulation
  • Quantitative analysis of samples with various biological matrices
  • Microdialysis for compound unbound concentration measurement
  • Ussing chamber for evaluating intestinal permeability, metabolism and transporters interaction

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