Compound Management System

Pharmaron’s Compound Management System is a tailor-made, automated system that stores, archives and handles compounds in either solid or solution format. The system is composed of a high throughput liquid/plates handling platform and a secured sample storage platform, complemented by sophisticated data management and processing software. A vigorous QC process imbedded throughout the entire system ensures that each step supporting the assay needs of in vitro biology and in vitro ADME is high quality.
The Compound Management System contributes to successful assays as it runs with high precision, accuracy and reproducibility, for panel/counter and project-based screenings.

  • Compound solubilization: compounds dissolved in qualified DMSO
  • Compound storage: compounds stored in desiccators at RT or –20º C freezers in designated shelves
  • Compound transfer: existing compounds transferred from vials to 96 or 384 well plates
  • Compound source plate creation: 96, 384 or 1536 well plates created for screening assays in any desired configuration (single dose or dose response)
  • Plate reformatting: plates not fitting the standard format reformatted to comply with new standard
  • Plate cherry-picking: existing plates selected for further testing

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