Animal Disease Models

Our in vivo pharmacology team is experienced with disease model establishment and validation for efficacy screening, in vivo pharmacology profiling, PDPK and MOA studies. The team is supported by internal PK/Bioanalytical, ex vivo pharmacology and in vitro biology teams to provide integrated services.

Oncology Models

  • Large cancer cell line and tissue bank
  • CDX models and PDX models (connection with a local hospital for human tumor samples)
  • Syngeneic models with completed immune profile and SOC data
  • Orthotopic imaging models (including intracranial models) using hundreds of human and murine cancer cell lines
  • A platform to support radiation therapy

Metabolic Models

  • Obesity, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes (NAFLD & NASH), cardiovascular diseases (MCAO, SHR, cardiac ischemia/reperfusion, hyperlipidemia), organ damage diseases model (UUO, CKD), respiratory disease (lung inflammation and lung fibrosis model), hyperuricemia model

Inflammation and Pain Models

  • Acute and chronic pain models, immune disease models (CIA, DTH, PCA, EAE), non-immune inflammatory models, arthritis, visceral pain, surgery pain, neuropathic pain models and PDPK models

CNS Models

  • Alzheimer’s disease, memory impairment, seizure, Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases

Additional Established Models

  • Hemostasis, leukocytopenia, intestine mobility, anemia, wounding/healing, renal failure, psoriasis

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