Process Chemistry

The process chemistry team provides a broad range of services for API development from lead optimization through to NDA in our China and UK facilities.

  • Discovery and development of new and existing synthetic routes, fit-for-purpose optimization and scale-up for preclinical and early phase clinical evaluation
  • Polymorph and salt/co-crystal screening for selection of an appropriate solid form for API development
  • Crystallization of API and intermediate for process development
  • Development of synthetic routes and scalable processes for complex organic molecules and APIs, such as macrolides, nucleotides and nucleosides including those with synthetic sequences over 20 steps
  • Definition and study of critical process parameters to support validation of chemical processes for GMP/non-GMP production of APIs
  • Discovery and development of cost effective, safe and environmentally friendly synthetic routes for commercial production of intermediates and APIs from kilograms to ton scales

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