Small Molecule Drug Disposition Studies

Combined with analytical techniques, such as quantitative LC-MS/MS, HR-MS, HPLC, UPLC, LSC and AMS (accelerator mass spectrometry), our team provides comprehensive services for investigating the metabolism/PK of candidate drugs in clinical development.

  • LC-MS/MS bioanalysis for parent compound
  • HR-MS analysis for metabolites
  • LSC and AMS analysis for total radioactivity
  • LC/LSC and LC+AMS bioanalysis for 14C parent compound and 14C metabolites
  • Metabolite profiling by LC, LSC, AMS and HR-MS
  • Drug-drug interactions
  • Biomatrix: Blood, plasma, feces, urine

Clinical study designs include:

  • Mass balance and metabolism (human ADME)
  • PK with absolute bioavailability
  • High-dose (50 to 100 µCi) 14C radiolabelled studies
  • Low-dose (<1 µCi) 14C microtracer studies

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