Vaccine Development/Vaccine Challenge Studies

Pharmaron’s infectious disease specialists at our Phase I clinical research center in Maryland have completed over 25 vaccine studies. This includes viral/bacterial challenge studies in campylobacter, malaria, cholera, influenza, CMV, streptococcus, staphylococcus, RSV and norovirus.

The flexible design of our building allows the team to isolate vaccine challenge studies from the rest of the inpatient unit, ensuring subject safety and data integrity. The infectious disease area is physically isolated from the remainder of the clinical research unit. Access to this area is electronically key-controlled and no facilities are shared with subjects enrolled in other studies, including the recreation room. 

Pharmaron’s location is close to internationally-recognized vaccine development academic centers e.g. University of Maryland School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins Medical School, which allows our team to collaborate in several different areas for vaccine studies. This includes microbiology and immunology laboratories, challenge strains and operational support.

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