The informatics team develops and provides tools for managing data generated by Pharmaron and searches for information from commercial databases, such as SciFinder®. Pharmaron’s proprietary web-based data management system, Chemical Exchange, Data Access and Recall (CEDAR™) allows our partners to efficiently review, upload and download information securely.  The team works with most commercial and in-house developed ELN systems.
Proprietary Tools Developed

  • CEDAR™ provides secure access to experimental procedures, E-Notes™, reaction schemes, analytical data centered on chemical structures and study protocols, data and reports for biology, pharmacology, DMPK and toxicology
  • Reagent management provides regional, commercially available chemical catalogues online and direct connection with supplier's websites
  • Compound management provides compound tracing from production to delivery, in-house systems linked with commercially available and validated web-based management system
  • Library synthesis tools for enumeration and reagent selection

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