Discovery Analytical Chemistry and Purification Sciences

Hundreds of analytical chemists provide analytical services to support library compound, medicinal chemistry, synthetic chemistry, discovery process chemistry and process chemistry programs. Our analytical and purification team, equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, provide services specialized in chiral and achiral separation and purifications.

  • Analytical method development for chiral separations
  • Chiral separation from milligram to multi-kilo gram scale
  • Achiral SFC purification and crude sample purification.
  • High-throughput quality control and purification for library compounds, including DNA-encoded libraries
  • Compound characterization and authentic material characterization
  • Genotoxic impurity method development
  • Ion analysis by IC
  • Metal method development and analysis by ICP-OES and ICP-MS
  • Structure confirmation studies by HR-MS, LC-MS/MS, IR, UV, and elemental analysis
  • Impurity structure elucidation studies
  • NMR and Q-NMR services for structure elucidation of isolated impurities by acquisition and interpretation of comprehensive 1D/2D NMR data

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