Discovery Process Chemistry (DPC)

Pharmaron’s discovery process chemistry team has a strong proven track record in providing advanced intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients from gram scale up to kilograms. Our team supports programs from late stage lead optimization, facilitating candidate selection through preclinical development. We provide a wide range of services that enable the rapid development of candidate compounds to accelerate programs to key preclinical milestones.

Route Design/redesign

  • Design of new routes for targets of any complexity  
  • Applications of the latest synthetic methodology
  • Catalytic and asymmetric approaches

Optimization of Current Synthetic Routes

  • Reaction screening
  • Statistical approaches - design of experiments
  • Intermediate stability studies

Compound Purification and Isolation Improvements

  • Development of robust isolations
  • Physical form monitoring
  • Classical resolutions
  • Impurity isolation and identification

Process Safety Evaluation

  • Generation and interpretation of data to ensure safe scale-up
  • Suite of techniques used to provide robust data
  • RC-1, ARRST, DSC and power compensation calorimetry 

Provision of Full Technical Transfer Documentation

  • Take your project to large scales
  • Seamless tech transfer to other Pharmaron divisions

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