DNA-Encoded Libraries (DEL)

Pharmaron state-of-the-art DNA-Encoded Libraries Technology (DELT) platform combines a unique collection of DELs and cutting-edge facilities. Built on our strong synthetic and medicinal chemistry foundation, the designed libraries are composed of novel structures. These structures cover a wide chemical space inherently including diversified scaffolds, which are drug-like and ideally suited for further hit-to-lead optimization. Our transparent business terms lower the entry barrier and help our partners to quickly initiate their DELT projects.

Our DELT platform enables the custom synthesis and screening of billions of compounds against biological targets in a fast and cost-effective way. Unlike conventional methods, DELT allows the efficient screening of unprecedented chemical diversity in a single vial. We leverage Pharmaron’s unique chemistry know-how and apply robust reactions to build and deliver novel, custom DNA-encoded libraries, screen and identify hits in a matter of days.

  • Bespoke DEL Design and Synthesis
  • Protein Production
  • DEL Screening and Assay Development
  • Hit Identification to Lead Optimisation
  • Fully Integrated Drug Discovery Support

Through our integrated services, we not only help our partners perform DEL selection studies, but also offer specialized support, encompassing the entire drug discovery process. We start from the biological targets by delivering the desired protein constructs, and move the identified hits to the next stage of drug discovery, providing hit-to-lead and optimization directions. 

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