Library Synthesis

To support our partners' efforts to expedite the drug discovery process, we have built a world-class capacity in library synthesis. Our experienced library teams are capable of quickly validating synthetic routes and efficiently carrying out library production. Our laboratories are equipped with all necessary modern instruments including synthesizers, microwave assisted reactors, automated HPLC purification systems, LCMS & NMR, compound management and plating systems, etc. We are able to deliver tens of thousands compounds annually at >90% purity.

  • Novel scaffolds of any structural complexity
  • Diversity-based libraries for corporate compound collections
  • Focused and fragment-based libraries for particular targets of interests
  • Collection of over 25,000 diversity building blocks
  • Proven workflow for fast library compounds delivery:
    • Strong capability in route validation & use of new technics such as flow chemistry, photo-redox chemistry, etc
    • Automated purification and high throughput fraction evaporation/drying systems
    • Library project software systems for secure data collection & management as well as evaluation of building blocks in various reactions
    • Unique 2D bar-code of each compound for easy data retrieval and progress monitoring along all the steps
    • State-of-the-art compound management & plating according to specific screening needs 
    • Smooth compound shipment and logistics assistance, including custom clearance
  • Synthesis of DNA-encoded Libraries (DELs) with novel, unreported cores having drug-like properties to identify high affinity hits against protein targets of drug discovery interest
    • With a bank of libraries, affinity selection methods make the identification of potent hits a quick process

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