Metabolite Profiling Using AMS

For microtracer human metabolism studies, fully quantitative metabolite profiling is conducted by combining HP(UP)LC fractionation with AMS analysis of the LC fractions.  We conduct metabolite profiling by LC+AMS once the routes and rates of excretion are established to address metabolite safety in human (FDA MIST).

Metabolite profiling strategies include:

  • HPLC/UPLC metabolite profiling methods are initially transferred and verified
  • Profiling in plasma across subjects/timepoints or individual pools per subject
  • Profiling in urine and fecal homogenates across subject/timepoints
  • LC+AMS radio-profiling generates fully quantitative data for each matrix to characterize all observed human metabolites
  • Metabolite identification for any unknown metabolites is conducted by HR-MS
  • Metabolite profiling can also be conducted in bile, CSF, specific tissue or cellular fractions (i.e. PBMCs)

Metabolite Profiling (for traditional high 14C dose human AME)

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