Clinical AME of Radiolabelled Compounds

Pharmaron provides comprehensive services to support the complete range of 14C radiolabelled studies in human.  Together with Pharmaron’s Baltimore-based clinical research team, or our trusted network of third party clinical research units, our integrated solutions include 14C radiosynthesis of compounds suitable for human administration, mass balance, metabolite analysis (metabolite profiling/identification), DDI and PK for traditional high radioactive dose studies.

We also support low radioactive dose studies (microtracer and microdose) employing clinical protocols using nCi tracer doses of radioactivity in human with ultra-sensitive AMS analysis for clinical metabolism and absolute bioavailability.

Manufacture of 14C Radiolabelled Drug Substances and Drug Products for Clinical Studies

Phamaron's Radiolabelled Metabolism and PK Studies

Clinical PK Using Radiolabelled Compounds Mass Balance Using Radiolabelled Compounds Metabolite Profiling Using Radiolabelled Compounds Metabolite Identification Using HRMS/NMR Drug-drug Interaction (DDI) Studies

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