Environmental Fate

Pharmaron's Rushden facility has a long history of supporting the studies needed for regulatory compliance of agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, veterinary products and chemicals, from radiolabelling of compounds to studies to assess the fate of compounds in different environmental compartments (soil, sediment, water) and the nature of residues in crops and livestock.

Studies include:

  • Route and rate of degradation in soil (OECD 307)
  • Degradation in water-sediment systems (OECD 308)
  • Mineralization in surface water (OECD 309)
  • Hydrolysis (OECD 111)
  • Aqueous and soil photolysis (OECD 316) and soil photolysis (draft OECD, January 2002)
  • Adsorption/desorption (OECD 106)
  • Plant metabolism (OECD 501)*
  • Rotational crop metabolism (OECD 502)*
  • Livestock metabolism (OECD 503)

* In collaboration with our agronomy partner, Agrochemex.

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