Pharmaron’s radiochemistry team, formerly Quotient Bioresearch/GE Healthcare/Amersham (based in Cardiff and Rushden UK), provides expert advice on radiosynthesis and preparation and release of radiolabelled test compounds for use in non-clinical and clinical drug development and in environmental fate studies. With over 75 years of radiochemical synthesis history, we have made 70,000 Carbon 14 (14C) labelled and 20,000 tritium (3H) labelled molecules. Our state-of-the-art facilities include GMP and GLP compliant laboratories where hundreds of radiolabelled chemical synthesis projects are completed annually.

We offer complete management of the radiosynthesis process, from labelling position selection, optimizing radiosynthetic pathway, final product analysis to repurification and recycling options. We also offer covalent radiolabelling/radiotagging techniques with tritium (3H) and Carbon 14 (14C) for biologics.

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