3H and 14C Radiolabelling (RadioTag)

RadioTag is a technique pioneered by Pharmaron in the early 2000s as a method for radiolabelling large protein-based molecules with 3H/14C to support rapid turnaround PK investigations.

This covalent method for radiolabelling biologics can also support pharmacokinetic, excretion balance, tissue distribution (QWBA, MARG) and metabolism/catabolism studies.

Employing the 3H or 14C RadioTag technique enables the rapid assessment of PK and distribution properties of radiolabelled biologics:

  • Single labelling protocol for a wide range of large molecules using covalent radiolabelling techniques
  • Direct labelling targets lysine or N-terminal amino groups
  • Wide molecular weight range studied from 1 to >350 kDa
  • Minimal protein modification reducing potential negative effects on target binding or biological activity


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