General Toxicology

We help our partners plan and conduct general toxicology studies to support pharmaceutical and food/chemical industry development programs involving small molecules and biologics.

Study types

  • Acute/single dose
  • Sub chronic
  • Chronic


  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Guinea pigs
  • Rabbits
  • Mini pigs
  • Canines
  • Non-human primates

Routes of administration

  • Oral (Gavage/intubation, tablet/capsule, dietary)
  • Parenteral (IV injection/infusion, intramuscular, intraperitoneal, subcutaneious, intradermal)
  • Topical (dermal, ocular)
  • Other routes (Intravenal, intranasal, intravesicular, vaginal, rectal, brain implantation)

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