Bioanalysis Services

Services to support small molecule, large molecule, CGT and Carbon-14 bioanalysis for discovery, preclinical and clinical studies

bioanalysis services

Pharmaron bioanalysis services include bioanalytical method development, method validation or qualification, unknown sample analysis, data processing and interpretation. The medical modalities of analytes include small molecule, large molecule, 14C-labelled molecule and CGT in nature, with biomatrices from rodent, guinea pig, mini-pig, rabbit, canine, NHP and human. The bioanalysis teams work very closely with preclinical in-life science teams for DMPK, in vivo pharmacology and safety assessment studies, and with clinical teams, to provide high quality of analytical data in support of bioanalytical needs for discovery, preclinical and clinical studies, including in compliance with GLP and GCLP requirements by ICH, FDA, EMA and NMPA.

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