Formulation Development

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Formulation Development Services

At Pharmaron, we understand that each API has its own physicochemical characteristics and formulation challenges. Based on our partners’ target product profile, our team is able to help select the most appropriate formulation design for drug products. We have experience in developing a variety of dosage forms across multiple indications. With a range of oral solid and liquid forms available, we deliver tailored formulation development solutions to meet program needs.

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Formulation Development

  • Pre-formulation screening
  • Formulation design
  • Early-stage formulation development for FIH and POC studies
  • Late-stage and market formulation development
  • Dosage form capabilities: tablet, capsule, solution, suspension
  • Bioavailability enhancement formulation technologies (e.g. micronization, spray drying)
  • Immediate and modified-release formulations
  • Pediatric development solutions