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Pharmaron (Stock Code: 300759.SZ/3759.HK) is a premier service provider for the life sciences industry. Founded in 2004, Pharmaron has invested in its people and facilities, and established a broad spectrum of research, development and manufacturing service capabilities throughout the entire drug discovery, preclinical and clinical development process across multiple therapeutic modalities, including small molecules, biologics and CGT products. With over 20,000 employees and operations in China, the U.S., and the U.K., Pharmaron has an excellent track record in the delivery of R&D solutions to its partners in North America, Europe, Japan and China.

Over 20,000 employees in China, United States and United Kingdom
Integrated drug discovery services

Investing in our Team and Facilities

Technology is the foundation of our business and innovation and continuous improvements are how we meet and exceed our partners’ expectations. Our commitment to our team starts with offering continuous learning opportunities for our scientists. This training fosters innovation and efficiency, which allows us to provide our partners with high-quality services that fit our partners’ timelines. This commitment is seen by our partners, which fosters strong, long-term relationships.

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Learning Culture

Pharmaron’s first priority is ensuring our employees are always learning. This commitment is seen with each employee’s professional and personal development . We encourage our team to think creatively when approaching challenges, to balance work with their personal lives and to enhance their welfare and career development. As a result, we have a strong group of employees who are enthusiastic and dedicated to delivering high quality services.

Expanding Our Global Footprint

Since Pharmaron’s establishment, we have expanded our global footprint and service offerings by adding new facilities, increasing capacity at existing sites and completing many acquisitions. Ensuring our team has access to state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and technology is a top priority for the company and allows us to help our partners meet their goals.

Pharmaron’s Building Blocks

When you look at the Pharmaron logo, what do you see? The figure and name are inspired by tangram, building blocks, chemistry and biology. Tangram is a thousand-year-old children’s game from China that consists of seven flat pieces, with the objective to use all seven pieces to create numerous, new shapes. Dr. Boliang Lou, CEO and Chairman, also a chemist, saw the similarities between tangram and chemistry. “Like tangram, chemists start with the same building blocks, but each creates something different. Both the game and the science have the potential for endless opportunities to build something new.” The whole of Pharmaron’s logo represents our core values, including diversity, unity and team spirit, in addition to our ongoing commitment to building strong relationships with our partners and providing diverse drug R&D services.

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The red and blue shapes represent the binding of molecules to their biological targets.The upper right of the tangram figure is marked with red to form the visual center of the whole logo. Red symbolizes the researchers’ strong sense of responsibility and dedication to pharmaceutical research. The bottom left of the tangram figure is marked with blue, which strongly supports the red on the upper right. The blue symbolizes professional quality.

The Chinese characters reflect key aspects that Pharmaron represents to its partners: health, dragon (a symbol of a vigorous business), transformation/chemistry and success. The name “Pharmaron” completes the building block metaphor, as it is reminiscent of the word synthon, a synthetic building block or a pharmaceutically relevant synthon.

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Yue Lu, Ph.D.