Accelerator Mass Spectrometry

Pharmaron is the recognized leader in the use of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS) technology (NEC 250 KeV Single Stage AMS). The AMS team is primarily focused on pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical R&D, employing AMS as a unique, ultra-sensitive 14C analytical tool to support clinical and preclinical studies, primarily related to metabolism, distribution and bioanalysis (ADME/PK). In addition to the typical AMS study designs below, Pharmaron can also employ AMS to deliver unique solutions and deconvolute complex specific compound-related questions.

AMS Advantages:

  • A wide range of sample types can be analyzed
    • Standard matrices e.g. plasma, whole blood, urine, feces etc.
    • More unusual matrices e.g. bile, expired air traps, dialysate, tissue        
      (tumor biopsies), CSF
  • Matrix interference does not impact on the result
  • Highly sensitive: 1-2 pg/mL for specific analyte quantification is routine, can go much lower
  • Mass balance and total [14C] by AMS (total radioactivity levels in blood, plasma, excreta)
  • Metabolite profiling by HPLC/UPLC fractionation combined with quantitation of radio-profiles by AMS
  • Absolute bioavailability (IVPK) – IV 14C-microtracer and PK analysis of the “hot” IV dose utilizing a fully validated LC-AMS bioanalytical assay for 14C-parent (and/or 14C-metabolites)
  • 14C dose solution analysis for very low specific activity 14C dose preparations