Discovery Process Chemistry

Discovery Process Chemistry Services

Scaling your drug program from discovery to development is challenging. By bridging our discovery and process R&D capabilities, our dedicated discovery process chemistry team enables the rapid development of candidate compounds to accelerate programs to key preclinical milestones.

Pharmaron’s discovery process chemists support a wide range of services from late-stage lead optimization to candidate selection through preclinical development. We have a solid proven track record in providing advanced intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) from gram scale preparation up to kilograms.

  • Quickly obtaining intermediates to support medicinal chemistry programs
  • Scale-up to support in vivo efficacy and toxicity studies
  • Early process development to support clinical studies

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Process chemistry in the laboratory

Route Design/Redesign

  • Design of new routes for targets of any complexity  
  • Applications of the latest synthetic technologies

Optimization of Current Synthetic Routes

  • Reaction screening
  • Statistical approaches – design of experiments
  • Intermediate stability and solubility studies
Lab samples in a machine

Compound Purification and Isolation Improvements

  • Development of robust isolations
  • Physical form monitoring
  • Classical resolutions
  • Impurity isolation and identification
mettler toledo scientific machine

Process Safety Evaluation

  • Generation and interpretation of data to ensure safe scale-up
  • Suite of techniques used to provide robust data
  • Variety of equipment to evaluate the hazard of thermal stability, dust, static electricity and flammability
  • RC-1, ARRST, DSC and power compensation calorimetry 
Unichiller scientific machine

Full Technical Transfer Documentation Provided

  • Take your project to large scales
  • Seamless tech transfer to other Pharmaron divisions