Radiolabelling and Radiosynthesis

Radiosynthesis and radiolabelling services ADME

Radiolabelling and Radiosynthesis Services

Pharmaron’s service offerings in radiolabelling and radiosynthesis cover the entire radiosynthesis process, which includes the selection of label position in the molecule, optimizing the radiosynthetic chemistry pathway, radiosynthesis, final product analysis and repurification or recycling options.

Pharmaron Radiosynthesis

Radiosynthesis Services

  • 14C radiosynthesis (custom)
  • 3H radiosynthesis (custom)
  • GMP preparation of 14C radiolabelled drug substance (14C-API) and radiolabelled drug product (investigational medicinal product or IMP)
  • Non-GMP clinical-grade repurified 14C-API (for use in microtracer or microdosing studies)
  • 3H and 14C rapid covalent radio-tagging techniques
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Custom Carbon-14 Radiosynthesis Services

  • Volatile compounds
  • Aromatics and heterocyclics
  • Chiral compound
  • Salt formation
  • Amino acids and peptides
  • Biomolecules using fermentation (Class 1 containment)
  • Covalent radiolabelling techniques with 14C (RadioTag) for macromolecules

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Manufacture of 14C Radiolabelled Drug Substances and Drug Products for Clinical Studies.

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Oligonucleotides, Radiolabelling and Metabolism Services

Learn about Pharmaron’s capability to synthesize radiolabelled oligonucleotides.

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