Dermal Animal Models

Dermal Animal Model Services

Pharmaron’s team is able to incorporate in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo non-clinical models to evaluate dermal delivery (tissue-based and pharmacokinetic models), compare and optimize formulations, minimize DoE runs, and guide critical investment decisions. We have access to board-certified pathologists and onsite support from attending veterinarians to ensure the study conduct in compliance and in accordance with animal welfare.

Pharmaron’s unique portfolio of dermal animal models provides a comprehensive package of predictive testing. We employ a rational and multi-pronged approach that relies on well-validated, nonclinical models to bypass clinical studies and/or enhance quality by design (QbD).  This approach allows you to advance your dermatological innovations with increased accuracy and confidence.

in vitro Dermal Models

  • in vitro release testing
  • Topical formulation
  • Stability

ex vivo Dermal Models

  • in vitro permeation testing
  • ex vivo dermal permeability
  • Dermal permeability
  • Penetration and accumulation
  • Barrier integrity measurements

in vivo Dermal Models

  • Dermal PK & irritation
  • Dermal irritation study
  • Dermal efficacy
  • Wound healing