Analytical and Purification Sciences

Analytical and Purification Science Services

Pharmaron’s discovery analytical chemistry team provides integrated services to support library compounds, medicinal chemistry, and synthetic chemistry.

  • Appropriate analytical method development for intended use
  • Chiral separation from milligram to tens of kilogram scales
  • Purification by Prep-HPLC, Prep-SFC, MS triggered Prep-HPLC, etc.
  • High-throughput LCMS and purification for library compounds, including DNA-encoded libraries
  • Counter-ion analysis by IC
  • Elemental impurity analysis by ICP
  • Structure elucidation by HR-MS/MS, NMR, IR, UV, etc.
  • Isolation and structure elucidation of impurity compounds
  • Release testing by LCMS, NMR, HPLC, Q-NMR, etc.