Environmental Fate and Metabolism Studies

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Environmental Fate and Metabolism Studies

Pharmaron offers a comprehensive range of environmental fate and metabolism studies to evaluate metabolic pathways and compound disposition in soil, sediment and water including nature of residue studies in plants (crops) and livestock (food-grade animals). Our environmental metabolism services operate within GLP compliant facilities and can be closely integrated with the radiosynthesis of test materials with 14C or 3H.

We also offer Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) services for pharmaceuticals and veterinary products. Together with our partners, we conduct all studies for Phase l, lla and llb ERAs required for compound registration in the US, Europe and Japan. We can provide regulatory consultancy and program management as required. In addition, Pharmaron can perform in vivo metabolism and dermal penetration studies in laboratory species and in vitro cross-species comparative metabolism studies in both hepatocytes and microsomes.

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A person wearing purple gloves is handling a white rack with multiple small tubes in a lab setting. In the background, various lab equipment and containers, including a green bottle and black-lidded container used for bioanalytical development in preclinical ADME studies, are visible.

Environmental Fate

  • OECD 106 – Adsorption/Desorption
  • OECD 111 – Hydrolysis as a Function of pH
  • OECD 507 – High Temperature Hydrolysis (processing study)
  • OECD 307 – Aerobic & Anaerobic Transformation in Soil
  • Water Treatment Simulation
  • OECD 308 – Aerobic & Anaerobic Transformation in Aquatic Sediment Systems
  • OECD 309 – Aerobic Mineralization
  • OECD 316 – Phototransformation of Chemicals in Water/ Direct Photolysis
  • OECD Draft – Soil Photolysis
A laboratory technician wearing a white coat and purple gloves pours liquid from a small bottle into one of several large cylindrical tubes arranged in a circular rotor inside a centrifuge machine, essential for genetic toxicology tests. The centrifuge has multiple compartments with yellow and purple-colored inserts.

Physical Chemistry

  • OECD 101 – UV-Visible Absorption Spectrum
  • OECD 102 – Melting Point/Range
  • OECD 104 – Vapour Pressure
  • OECD 105 – Water Solubility
  • OECD 107 – Partition Coefficient (N-Octanol/Water) Shake Flask Method
  • OECD 112 – Dissociation in Water
  • OECD 117 – Partition Coefficient (1-Octanol/ Water) HPLC Method


  • OECD 209 – Activated Sludge/Respiration Inhibition
  • OECD 301 – Ready Biodegradation
Environmental Metabolism

Aquatic Ecotoxicity

  • OECD 201 – Algal Growth Inhibition
  • OECD 210 – Fish Early Life Stage
  • OECD 211 – Daphnia Reproduction
  • OECD 218 – Chironomid Toxicity Test using Spiked Sediment
  • OECD 219 – Chironomid Toxicity Test using Spiked Water
  • OECD 305 – Fish Bioconcentration

Terrestrial Ecotoxicity

  • OECD 207 – Acute Earthworm
  • OECD 208 – Terrestrial Plant Growth
  • OECD 232 – Collembolan Reproduction Test in Soil
Plant metabolism

Plant and Livestock Metabolism

  • OECD 501 – Metabolism in Crops
  • OECD 502 – Metabolism in Rotational Crops
  • OECD 503 – Metabolism in Livestock
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Laboratory Animal Metabolism

  • OECD 417 – Toxicokinetics

Cross-species Comparative Metabolism

  • 14C/3H
  • Non-labelled
A person wearing purple gloves is handling a piece of laboratory equipment with several attached tubes. The equipment is connected to various ports, and the setting appears to be a lab, suggesting the preparation or analysis of samples as part of preclinical ADME studies.
Our Services

Dermal Penetration

  • OECD 427 – Skin Absorption: in vivo Model 
  • OECD 428 – Skin Absorption: in vitro Method 
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Supporting Services

  • Custom radiosynthesis of 14C and 3H compounds
  • GLP certificates of analysis
  • Metabolite profiling and identification
  • Chiral analysis
  • Program management
  • Tier summaries
  • Regulatory consultancy

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