Employee Testimonials

First priorities in Pharmaron’s daily operation include offering our team numerous training opportunities, growing professional and personal development, encouraging our employees to think creatively when approaching challenges, balancing work with their personal lives to enhance our employees’ welfare and career development. The culture of “Employees Number One” ensures Pharmaron maintains a team of enthusiastic, dedicated and scientifically and managerially competent employees to deliver high quality services.

I enjoy being surrounded by young scientists, exploring new technologies and solving scientific challenges. This enables me to continuously improve my existing skills or learn new ones, while sharing my knowledge to train the next-generation researchers. With so many scientific mysteries waiting to be solved, I’ll continue my scientific journey to wherever it takes me.

Jingqi Huang, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, in vivo Pharmacology
Mengxia Xue, Ph.D.

I’ve been working with Pharmaron’s medicinal chemistry group for more than 11 years and have always been fascinated by the company’s fast growth and potential. I enjoy working with different teams and departments, supporting the research and development of innovative medicines.

Mengxia Xue, Ph.D., Senior Group Leader, Chemistry
Siôn Edwards, Ph.D.

The team is so friendly and willing to help! On top of that, I am really enjoying the science, which is so varied, working with small molecules right through to oligonucleotides.

Siôn Edwards, Ph.D., Tritium Chemist

It all started with my curiosity to know how things work. There are moments when I learn something in the lab and think I’m the only human that knows that right now, which is rewarding! I enjoy being a scientist and making a difference in the world.

Fang He, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, in vitro Biology
Andrew Evans, Associate Director, Engineering, Pharmaron Gene Therapy

Pharmaron’s vision and investment is admirable, we have a bright future ahead. The management team are open and approachable, which enables me to feel part of the decision-making process and empowered to strive for high standards!

Andrew Evans, Associate Director, Engineering, Pharmaron Gene Therapy
Yumei Liu

I joined Pharmaron as a graduate straight out of university and had the opportunity to gradually progress into my current role as a process safety engineer. I enjoy being a part of the process safety team because we all thrive on finding solutions for seemingly impossible scientific challenges. Process safety is an important component of drug development and I’m glad I’ve devoted myself to this field.

Yumei Liu, Director, Process Safety
Yue Lu, Ph.D.

I feel lucky to be a part of Pharmaron’s team, working with brilliant colleagues and constantly learning new skills and techniques. As a material science researcher, I enjoy helping our partners identify appropriate solid forms and develop reliable crystallization processes for scale-up, supporting drug product development and improving the quality of patients’ lives.

Yue Lu, Ph.D., Group Leader, Material Science
Jia Jia, Ph.D.

I am passionate about delivering high-quality DMPK science and data to help our partners accelerate their drug development programs. What I love most about my job at Pharmaron are the people I work with and the dynamic environment. My days are never the same!

Jia Jia, Ph.D., Associate Director, in vitro ADME

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